wedding catering | food truck concept

Wedding catering is moving away from the standard 3 course meal with polished cutlery and starched serviettes to exciting cocktail style finger food that can be eaten standing, sitting or on the dance floor. This new era of wedding catering is not only more laid-back, it’s also a lot more social and affordable.

The heart of Comida do Sul is to provide you with a relax experience from day one. From the announcement of your engagement party, hens party to the wedding day. We can cater in a much more relaxed way, we bring more than a food truck concept, you don't need to hire the kitchen, we bring a full kitchen to you in a cool food truck with professional staff to make every bit valuable and special. Once you get in touch with us we can invite you for a private wedding tasting over a glass of wine and talk about your wedding and get to understand and trust each other before you make your decision.

catering outside of perth

From the urban jungle to the down south vineries, we can travel beyond Perth and Fremantle. We have catered weddings inside old warehouses, amazingly fitted and styled to weddings where the spring was upon us and the wildflowers with a ceremony set in the midst of a blossoming apple orchard.

the next day

Some people take off more than a day, and that is fair enough, you only live once, and we can fed your guests till late night, breakfast or brunch, tea, lunch and keep the party running for you, even if you left to your honeymoon to Maldives. Ask us to quote a breakfast or brunch menu if that is the case.

large weddings and celebrations

We have partner up with a bunch of talented people, let us know what how many people your food truck wedding is for. What you would like us to include, from the budget per head to the full inclusive alcohol, furniture, stylist, make up artist, photographer. Dont worry Comida will make it happen.

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