The food

street food menu | tapas & canape menu

Our food is a modernised twist of the traditional Brazilian classics. Choose between our tapas and canapé wedding menus or hit the street menu for Brazilian crowd pleasers like the mutant sandwich and coxinha. Our food is unique and simplistic just the way grandma likes it. The produce is locally sourced with gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and dairy free options.

the truck

street food menu | tapas & canapé menu

Our food truck is a pop up restaurant (7m long x 2.5m wide x 3.3m high), given that we are fully self-contained with water, gas, power and waste, all we need is a parking spot. We roam between our staple locations around Perth to cater in parks, house, office, company, backyard, on a farm or even in a vineyard, we 100% mobile and can travel outside of Perth. Hit us with your idea and let the samba vibes get ya!

Perth Catering

Wedding Caterer | Event Catering

We can cater to functions of any size 30 to 500 people is not an issue and our catering know how transforms hosting into an experience of ease.
Not only we cater around Perth but also down south, Margaret River region.
Comida also can assist in the celebration of birthdays and party catering, wedding catering, office and corporate functions, christmas party, production catering or anywhere we can park our self contained food truck kitchen.