Street food menu

Create a casual and relaxed atmosphere for your event, with our classic street food menu. This is all about the food truck vibes, bringing the street to you! The truck parks up and your guests line up and we take the orders as they come.

Have a look at the menu below and send us your details through the contact page.

Street food package starts at $40/pp for entree + main, add dessert for $5/pp.


Each guest gets 2 of the following entree

Queijo bites

Cheese and potato croquettes, w chilli

Frango À passarinho (GF)

Marinated fried chicken, fresh lime, coriander leaves


Each guest can choose 1 of the following mains


Fresh grilled Chorizo, house lemon mayo, tomato salsa, house chimichurri in a toasted comida bun.


Veggie option of the Choripán with a hand rolled bean sausage.

the mutante

The tropical sandwich with grilled picanha (rump cap), farofa (roasted and crushed Brazilian yam), pineapple chilli sauce, house lemon mayo, tomato salsa, house chimichurri, pan fried kale in a toasted comida bun.
vegetarian option availiable

prato feito (GF)

Grilled picanha (rump cap), served with black beans, garlic rice, pan fried kale, farofa (roasted and crushed brazilian yam), mandioca frita (fried yam) and fresh tomato salsa.
vegetarian option availiable


la paleta

Mexican Icy Poles (seasonal flavours)
The food is served in biodegradable takeaway containers, cutlery and napkins provided.

to share


roving canapés