Roving canapés & substantials

The hand made Roving canape & Substantial plate menu has been carefully designed by our chefs to showcase some of Brazil’s most authentic flavours. The focus of the menu is the BBQ, with an amazing selection of skewers and street food classics like Fried chicken and fresh local fish ceviche. 

The vibe and service of this menu is what separates us from other caterers so we can included wait staff to take care of the service and hand out the canapes on our custom wooden platters, making it a continuous eating experience.

We have a large range of packages to suit all budgets. Once you submit a catering request we will provide all the relevant information. 

Basic Samba package $48/pp - 3 x Canapes + 1 x Substantial 




Slow cooked beef short rib or Crispy pork belly or Black bean guacamole (GF, V)

cassava and sweet potato fries

Zingy sour cream, chives sprinkle (GF, V)

Chilli Queijo Bites

3 Cheese potato croquettes, w chilli jam (V)

Spicy bbq pork ribs

Sweet Lime, Ginger, Chilli banana sauce (GF)

Frango a passarinho

Special recipe, marinated fried chicken, fresh lime, coriander leaves (GF)



Fresh local fish, lime tiger milk coconut citrus, orange segments, red onion, coriander leaves (GF)

pickled palm heart salad

Toasted sweet corn, fresh herbs, pickled shallots, mustard lime dressing (GF,V)

char grilled fremantle octopus salad

Thrice cooked in lemon myrtle & cloves served with a lime mint salsa (GF)

Skewer collection

Picanha beef

Char grilled Harvey beef skewer rolled in manioc dust (GF)

chimmi churri chicken

Char grilled free range chicken thighs (GF)

Chilli prawn malagueta

Char grilled tiger prawns, lime, coriander leaves (GF)

chorizo & octopus

Char grilled Freo octopus, chorizo, lime (GF)

pineapple malagueta

Char grilled pineapple, capsicum, guava chilli jam (GF, V)

char grilled vegetables

zucchini, mushroom, capsicum, onion, pineapple (GF, V)

sticky pork belly

Char grilled free range Pork belly with sweet spicy glaze (GF)


The substantials are designed to be paired with the canapes as a main. Select your substantial min order 1


BBQ plate

Brazilian style BBQ plate using all our classic meat cuts, fresh off the grill. Grilled Picanha, Spicy free range Chicken, Toscana chorizo, Garlic rice & Tomato salsa *GF

Prato feito

Grilled picanha (rump cap), served with black beans, garlic rice, pan fried kale, farofa (roasted and crushed brazilian yam), mandioca frita (fried yam) and fresh tomato salsa. *GF, V


Classic Brazilian stew made with pulled pork, Beef ribs, Pork loin, bacon and black beans. It comes with garlic rice, pan fried kale, farofa (roasted and crushed brazilian yam), mandioca frita (fried yam) and fresh tomato salsa. *GF, V

Gourmet hotdogs and brioche sliders


Fresh grilled Chorizo, homemade lemon sumac mayo, fresh tomato, salsa, house made chimichurri in a toasted comida mini bun.

The mutante

The tropical sandwich with grilled picanha (rump cap), farofa (roasted and crushed Brazilian yam), pineapple chilli sauce, homemade lemon sumac mayo, fresh tomato salsa, house made chimichurri, pan fried kale in a toasted comida mini bun. *V

brazilian cheeseburger slider

A classic cheeseburger with melty cheese, dill mayo, house made pickle, tomato sauce in toasted brioche bun *V


We have colaborated with the head chef Adam Rees from Coconut Meat, a famous sea container pop up concept that have appearead at Fringe Festival for consecutive years. The tacos are incredible, really fresh and vibrant with flavours inspired by Brazil and Mexico. We have done it a little bit differently to the normal corn taco and used a crispy Roti* instead. Check out @coconutmeatkitchen on instagram to see the magic.


Marinated Harvey beef, cherry tomato salsa


Grilled free-range chicken, chipotle mayo, guacamole


Local fried tiger prawn, fresh lime, salsa


Season Vegetables, sweet glaze, guacamole

* Roti Taco contain Gluten and Dairy.

The food is served in biodegradable takeaway containers, cutlery and napkins provided.

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